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Developed for tinters, by tinters,
Tint Slime is a window film mounting and cleaning solution. Referred to as a "slip solution," Tint Slime is dominating the industry, passing the strict GHS compliance for Europe, making it the most widely used slip solution in the world. Developed and used by Guardian Graphics, later re-branded to Fenix 5ive, Tint Slime is a must for skilled tinters that may need to modify their slip solution to fit their climate needs.

Unlike shampoos and soaps, Tint Slime does not have harmful degreasers that weaken film and no fat based moisturizers like Lanolin that can stain interiors and leave streaking on paint. Tint Slime will not separate, and when used with filtered, or distilled, water--there is no need to clean out your sprayers as often as all other mounting solutions. Tint Slime's low glycerin content is designed for a good slip and a fast set up.

Tint slime is safe for use on interiors, biodegradable, and of course, tint safe! And best of all, it is manufactured in the USA!