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                                                    MADE FOR TINTERS, BY TINTERS!

FENIX 5IVE, formally known as "Guardian Graphics," was founded in 2005 as a small vinyl printing and graphics company.  It was later upgraded to an LLC and rebranded FENIX 5IVE in 2015.

​Fenix noticed that they couldn't reorder an installation tint solution and set on the path of creating one. The common solution at the time was Baby Shampoo. The problem was, all soaps and shampoos had degreasers in them that were harmful to petroleum products, not to mention the inclusion of Lanonlin, a skin moisteurizer made from animal fats that can stain the cars it's used on. After making contact with a chemist, Fenix identified everything "harmful" to window film taken out; such as formaldehyde, degreasers, lanolin just to name a few. 

Fenix tested it locally until the formulation had the right amount of "slip". Not too much, not too little.

Fenix reached out to Richard & Phillip of Solar Control Films. Richard felt the product had merit and Solar Control FIlms took it to the Indianpolis Tint Off in 2012 for the Solar Control Films Booth.  Around 400 bottles  samples were given away and all the tinters at the Solar Control Films booth used it.

When 44 Tools and GDI discovered the quality of the product, they quickly came on board.

Tint Slime is proud to announce that Solar Control Films was first to endorse the product and because they believed in it, Tinters across the world now have the best slip solution at their fingertips! 

With many companies trying to make knock off imitations, all fail to measure up when compared to Tint Slime. Tint Slime is the number one slip solution in the world! 

In 2017 Tint Slime outgrew the its humble beginnings from Fenix 5ive, and was set aside as its own individual company expanding into many new markets and products. 2018 is going to be an exciting year for Tint Slime. Stay tuned!